Comin' Round

by Tony Gray

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All songs by Tony Gray
Produced by Tony Gray and Bo Hallford
Art design by Lawrence Carroll


released February 8, 2016

Tony Gray - guitar, vocals
Bo Hallford - bass
Andrew Bones - drums
Seth Lee Jones - slide guitar
Cody Brewer - banjo, vocals
Andrea Kyle - keys, vocals
Adrienne Gilley - vocals
Rachel LaVonne - vocals


all rights reserved



Tony Gray Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tony Gray has been writing and recording songs in Oklahoma and Arkansas for almost 20 years. He is a founding member and guitarist in the Fayetteville, AR rock band, The Great Scotts, and plays bass in the Tulsa, OK Grateful Dead tribute, American Beauty. His 2016 album, 'Comin' Round' includes some of Tulsa's finest musicians such as Bo Hallford, Seth Lee Jones, Cody Brewer, and Andrea Kyle. ... more

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Track Name: Comin' Round
Comin’ round, comin’ round
Honey I can feel it comin’ round

Things are comin’ around for me
I feel it good as I can see
Honey I can feel it comin’ round
It’s comin’ like I knew it would
Things changin’ just the way they should
Honey I can feel it comin’ round

Comin’ round, comin’ round
Honey I can feel it comin’ round

Hobo down on Dickson street
Playin’ for the folks he meets
Honey I can feel it comin’ round
Play to get two bucks for beer
It’s a simple life and now it’s clear
Honey I can feel it comin’ round
Honey I can feel it comin’ round

Well I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow
But that’s alright with me
Honey I can feel it comin’ round
Track Name: Walkin' on the Rocks
I wanna be where the birds are
But the sun is shining on the rocks now
If I could ever be just like a bird, life’d be simple
I’d feel at ease among their flocks, yeah
I hear the way they speak so freely
As if there isn’t thought to how they sound
They just express themselves according to
Whatever it is that they’re around

They act as if they own it all yeah
The sea the sky and ground
Their ease eludes me just as much as their flight
I’ve tried to relax with all of my might
One breath at time, first today then tonigh
But I’m no bird.
It’s just me on the ground now
And I’m walkin’ on the rocks
I’m walkin’ on the rocks I’m walkin’ on the rocks

Of course, these rocks aren’t what I’d hoped them to be
From afar they seemed to be a place to rest in peace
Come and rest in peace they said to me

But on arrival there’s disturbance
There’s more to this than meets the eye
’Til you get to where you thought was well you just can’t tell
That the land of the glistening sun is a lie

You never can get there
It’s just a pot of gold sparkle flashing on the water
You can try to get close and it just stays far away
So I sit and wait to grow old
I’m sitting waiting to grow old
And I’m growing old
Growing old
Track Name: Grit Your Teeth
Feels like the wind
Might be just air
I’m the one that’s moving
I move right through
But I can tell it’s there
So soothing

Gonna try to enjoy the little things of life
Gonna try to get to Heaven ‘fore I die

So I’m pushing along
Through a self made breeze
It’s coolin’ me down
It’s what I need

It doesn’t matter
If it’s me or the breeze
I know Hell is hot
And it’s tryin’ to seize me
It’s burnin’ me up
From the outside in
Moving through the inferno
I embrace the wind

Branch sway flow
Anchored to the ground
Ridin’ on a pale blue dot
And a spinnin’ round
No way to judge anyone’s exact speed
Hold on not let go
And grit your teeth
Track Name: Cage Free
Finally, I been waiting all day
I been trapped in a cage
Now it’s time to get away

Finally, I been waiting all day
I’m like a beast in a cage
And it’s time to get away

So don’t just stand there
We got to get it in gear
It doesn’t matter where we go
Just gotta get outta here
Let’s take it out
Let’s get out there on the town
Let’s get movin’
We’ll turn it upside down

We gotta move quick
And we can take out time
No rushin’ to rhyme
Come on let’s go for a ride
Track Name: Telescope
Lemme twirl ya round on the dance floor
Until your feet touch the ground no more
Lemme swirl ya round and dip ya down
Shine in the moon light
Lyin’ in the back yard ’til dawn
Sunglasses on in the dark and ya keep ‘em on

Ya know nobody cares anyway
Take it on down to the plains of Kansas
You can get yellow roses anytime ya want to from your front yard
A telescope’ll help ya see far

You can break your back on your own time
Tonight is mine and don’t you try to deny
Get yourself back here to me now
Out here anyone can see us
It’s obvious there’s nothing to hide…

And they said that it couldn’t be done
Ya can’t have nothin’ but fun
You’ll go blind if ya stare at the sun
I’m in it for the long run
Track Name: Being Drawn Toward the Roses
Can’t turn it off
Don’t wanna let it go to waste
I pull the shades down tight
All my worries fade away
Except one and that’s sleep
It ain’t free and it ain’t cheap

It’s a high cost for lyin’ helpless
You gotta push on, count the sheep
To get to where you wanna go
If your tank is empty
You’re slow so fill’r up now
Can you hear me?
Drifting off and getting dreary

Tryin’ to keep an eye from closin’
Being drawn toward the roses
Smells sweet, so pretty
Track Name: Spilling the Here
Well there once was a man
Who had himself a plan
And when he did it everything came true
But there was another one
Who liked to have fun
He yielded to the moment in all he would do

The second man's first thought was to be in the now
The first man's thought always vanished into
How can I get from here to there

The here for the second man
Was enough to be fulfilled
But there for the first man
Caused the here to get spilled

Like water in a drain
The first man's time disappeared
But for the second
Time was fake
It was not to be feared

Never looking forward
Aware of where he was
The second man would tell you
Life was just because
The first man had his goals
But he never was content
'Cause once achieved
A goal is gone like money spent

Like money spent
Track Name: Every Turn
May every turn you take be better than the last one
May all the love you make always be true

had a friend named Venus
But there was so much space between us
Like a diamond in the sky
She led the way into the night

May every turn you take be better than the last one
May all the love you make always be true

A little house upon the hill
The perfect place for Jack and Jill
A big ol’ mountain right behind
And peace of mind that’s hard to find

May every turn you take be better than the last one
May all the love you make always be true

Always be true

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